GHOSTBUSTERS 3 Update From Writer Lee Eisenberg & Producer Joe Medjuck

Ghostbusters 3 writer Lee Eisenberg and producer Joe Medjuck have on separate occasions discussed the stalled production of this highly-anticipated franchise. Each conversation ended up touching on Bill Murray's reluctancy to sign-off  or even read the script on the Ghostbusters‘ final installment.

During a visit to his alma mater, Eisenberg spoke in a series of lectures at Connecticut College here is what he had to say:

“Right now, we have a script we haven’t worked on probably in a couple of months, and we’re waiting for Bill Murray to read it. People seem excited about it, and the studio seems high on it. … We’re very proud of it. We worked really hard on it, and I think it’d be a really fun movie.”

He also mentioned how involved Reitman, Aykroyd and Ramis have been during the writing process:

“We’ve been working really closely with Ivan Reitman for a couple years on it. Dan Aykroyd has been really involved. Harold Ramis has been very involved -- we’re sharing a story credit on it with him. Then we reworked the script. I mean, that script went through a lot of rewrites, and it kept getting, we think at least, tighter and funnier. It took a little bit to really understand the tone of a movie likeGhostbusters. It’s really scary when you’re writing characters you grew up on. … The last thing you want to do is disappoint.”

Joe Medjuck, Ghostbusters 1, 2 & 3 producer attended a screening of Ghostbusters at the Arclight Cinema. After the film, Medjuck and members of the special effects team (including William Atherton) took part in a Q&A.

Medjuck gave a closer look at Bill Murray's process:

“Sony says they’d like to make it, everyone thinks it’s a good script. Bill has heard it’s a good script, but he hasn’t read it. Bill’s like that – he just says he’s busy.

Harold tells a very funny story about the several months it took to get Bill to read the script for Groundhog Day. Every week or so, [Bill] would go up to Harold and say, “You know, I read 10 pages… they’re really good. Is it going to stay this good?”

He hasn’t even read 10 pages [of Ghostbusters 3] yet, to the best of our knowledge.

[Regarding the original Ghostbusters] Bill just committed to it… he just said yes. He went to India to make The Razor’s Edge. I don’t think he even read the script [forGhostbusters] until he arrived back, [and] the day he came back, we shot with him.”

Check out the full Q&A below and share your thoughts:

Please let the planets align properly so that Bill Murray will agree to a film, fans are hoping for the day that this happens. What are your thoughts on this news?

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