STAR WARS Pizza Party and Photo Shoot

Check out this awesome collection of photos from a Star Wars pizza party and photo shoot from photographer Robin Cook who is looking to do photo shoots for movies. Here's a note from the photogrpher,

This was way EPIC! Some folks might think the idea of hanging out with a bunch of Star Wars geeks may be odd but for me it was just amazing! I think the idea that geeks are just that-  is finally a thing of the past. I proudly wave my Geek flag.  I’m a Star Wars fangirl and love it! I was never been the popular girl and never fit in with the “in” crowd and it took me most of my life to realize that it was ok to be completely different.  One thing I totally love is Science Fiction. I almost feel like how could anyone NOT love it!? But I know people that think it’s stupid. So sad for them- I love it. I was introduced to Science Fiction when I was just 7 yrs old – it was to Star Wars, by my dad. I was in awe of the characters, and just everything about it. I am still that way to day.  Robots, Monsters, Transforming cars, Zombies, MAGIC – give it to me!! So I decided a few months ago to the Star Wars shoot and i never even imagined it would come together as well as it would. And now I just want to do more. I have a list of movies I want to do photoshoots of. And I hope nobody out there is planning stuff and if so, I’d better get it on paper!

I love the peg-legged stormtropper. Check out some of the images below then head on over to Cooks site for the full collection:

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