James Franco in talks to Star in Sam Raimi's OZ: THE GREAT AND POWERFUL

James Franco has currently started talking with Disney to take on the lead role in Sam Rami's upcoming movie OZ, The Great and Powerful. Robert Downey Jr. was attached to the project for a long time, he eventually dropped out and Johnny Depp went into negotiations for the role as his replacment. We've learned today that Depp has passed on the role as well, and that Franco is the studios next choice. 

There's a pretty big age leap between the actors, but Franco is a great actor, and I'm sure he could pull of the role of the Wizard wonderfully. He's in early discussions so it will be interesting to see how it all plays out. He's also worked with Raimi before on the Spider-Man films so I can definitley see everyone working something out. 

The story focus' on a younger Wizard, and his background story of how he got to Oz and became the great and powerful wizard. Here's a more detailed look at the story that was leaked last year.

The would have the Wizard — a snake-oil salesman posing as a magician — enter Oz via a hot-air balloon, which he uses to escape an angry husband who has found out that Oz slept with his wife. There, Oz — a fast-talking huckster who wears a velveteen frock coat — falls in love with Glinda (the Good Witch), and the two combine forces to Fight the Evil Witches Evanora and Theodora. Theodora starts out as a good witch, but after Oz jilts her sexual advances, Evanora — the truly evil witch — convinces Theodora to become an evil witch with her and help her to rule all of Oz. Both Evanora and Theodora are described as incredibly attractive, seductive women, and Theodora likes to wear black, thigh-high boots.

What are your thoughts on Franco possibly starring in this new OZ movie?

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