Comic-Con Registration was a Mess Today and Geeks are Pissed

Rant Comic-Con by Joey Paur

As many of you probably know by now, registration opened up this morning for San Diego Comic-Con 2011. This is attempt number three at trying to sell passes to fanboys and fangirls all over the world. The first two times the main Comic-Con web site crashed; the third time around they went with a third party system called, and guess what? It didn't go as well as geeks had hoped. Fanboys and fangirls are pissed. It didn't go over very well at all. Minutes before registration even opened up at 9 am, Comic-Con fans couldn't get through because the site was already over capacity. There were also messages popping up saying “We’ll be right back. TicketLeap is currently down for maintenance.” That's not a good sign. Ticketleap sent out a solution to the problem through a tweet saying... 

@Comic_Con fans, if you see an over capacity message hit refresh. We are under heavy load right now and it should smooth out. #sdcc.”

It never seemed to smooth out though. 

There were a flood of complaints via twitter with people saying they spent over an hour refreshing the page before they finally got through. I've seen wait times of up to two and a half hours for tickets! That's insane! Some of them got four day passes others got through to find that they were sold out. Other complaints came through saying that their page timed out before they got a confirmation, but the system still took money out of their account. There was complaint after complaint after complaint, with many people dubbing SDCC an Epic Fail. The complaints are still rolling in on twitter.

Fact of the matter is... the Comic-Con registration was a mess today. But there are fans that have been victorious in purchasing their tickets, but not without complaining.

You would think Comic-Con could find some kind of awesome computer geek and programmer out there that could make this process work a bit more smoothly. I've said it before, and I'll say it again, GeekTyrant has a team of guys that could pull off this kind of miracle. I'm dead freakin' serious. I guess they have a year to figure everything out for next year. 

I dread what the hotel registration is going to be like this year. It makes me want to throw up just thinking about it. 

Did you get San Diego Comic-Con tickets?! If so let us know, we are going to be planning a meet-up and giving out t-shirts, so make sure to hit us up!

Congratulations to those that got tickets to 2011 Comic-Con, and we'll see you there!!!

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