Liam Neeson briefly talks about TAKEN 2

In a recent interview with MTV Liam Neeson talked briefly about Taken 2. The first Taken film was an incredibly badass movie, and I wouldn't mind seeing a sequel. We all know the sequel will eventually happen, but what will it be about? I'll let Neeson take it from here,

Taken 2... He's going to get taken!

Neeson is referening to the character he plays in the movie. Neeson will be Taken and he's going to have to do what it takes to save himself, possibly others in the process. He goes on to reveal that he doesn't know much more about the plot, but says that the script for the film is currenlty be worked on. 

The actor also talked about the first film and how he thought it was a cool siple story that would make for a good strait to DVD movie. It obviously ended up being a lot more successful than he thought.

I thought it was a good little B-movie when I first read it. I thought, 'This is cool, very simple, maybe straight to video, but it's a good little film, it's a chance to do all that physical stuff.' And then it just seemed to hit a pulse in people, it did very very well which I'm thrilled about and we're hoping to do another one next year sometime.

Watch the video interview below, and let us know what your thoughts are on what Neeson had to say about Taken 2.

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