Star Wars Geek Art: The Force, The Fall & The Father

Here's a great piece of Star Wars geek art from artist Alex Pardee called The Force, The Fall & The Father. This is part of a 12-part Empire Strikes Back 30th Anniversary Artwork Collection.

Here's what the artist had to say about his work,

This scene in particular is one of the most important scenes in the entire Star Wars series, not to mention one of the most iconic scenes in all of cinema. The infamous "father" twist was so impactful on storytelling and pop culture throughout the last 30 years. Even last year with a project that I was working on, someone actually suggested that the villain in my story turn out to be the hero's father.

Plus, I was up for a challenge. I knew that there were very few different ways for me to approach this scene with a different perspective. The scene itself, visually, is just as iconic. So I wanted to take that challenge.

Click here to read the rest of the artists interview.

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