New Movie Trailer For Disney's PROM

Disney has released a new movie trailer for their upcoming teen flick Prom, which I really have no desire to see. Prom sucked.

I told you this story the first time I talked about this film, but here it is again. This is why I hate prom. First, I didn't really have many friends in my graduating class. All of my good friends graduated the year before I did. Second, my girlfriend at the time wanted to go to a movie after, which isn't really a bad thing because I love movie. What movie did we see? Volcano, yes the one with Tommy Lee Jones where the volcano blows up in Los Angeles. The place we held our prom at was actually destroyed in the movie - a sign of things to come? After the movie I took my girlfriend home where she proceeded to break up with me. Yeah, so that sucked.


A group of teenagers find their lives intersecting and their futures taking shape as they prepare for the most pivotal event of their high school careers. At first Nova Prescott is infuriated at a classmate who nearly destroys her plans for prom. But the closer the big day gets, the more she realizes that he may be the perfect date. Meanwhile, secretive seniors Tyler and Mei wrestle with the consciences over how to make the most of their big night as the rest of their classmates attempt to reconcile their explosive anticipation with their growing uncertainty over how the dance will ultimately pan out. 

Watch the video below and tell us some of your prom horror stories. 

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