Mark Wahlberg Working on a sequel to THE FIGHTER

It looks like we might end up seeing a sequel to Mark Wahlberg's Academy Award nominated film The Fighter, which would actually be really cool to see. I thought The Fighter was a great movie, and each time I saw it I liked it a little bit more. 

Walberg revealed this news while on the Red Carpet at the Oscars. Apparently he’s already entered into talks about making this companion piece film, which will focus on the torrid ring-bound history of Micky Ward and boxing opponent Arturo Gatti.

Awesome! I'm on board for this sequel, and I hope it happens. I think biopics would be so much better if they spread them out into more than one film. There is so much to tell in a persons life that condensing it all down into just two-hours seems a little absurd. 

What do you all think abouty a sequel to The Fighter?