Director Cory J. Udler To Begin Filming MEDIATRIX in May

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From the Press Release:

March 10, 2011-

Cory J Udler (writer/director of “Incest Death Squad 1 and 2” and also the writer of “Astro Zombies M3: Cloned”, “Demon Haunt” and the upcoming “Corpse Grinders 3”) has been spending the better part of the last year working on his next feature “Mediatrix”.  Set to shoot in May 2011 in Wisconsin, “Mediatrix” was written by Paula Waterman Duerksen (“The Ataraxia Experiment”) and is the story of Mary Ann Van Hook, false spiritualist who parlays her manipulation of the weak and religious into her own cult.  Based on the story of Mary Ann Van Hoof, famous for her visions of The Virgin Mary in the 1950’s through the 1970’s, “Mediatrix” boasts an all star cast of major stars and up and coming genre talents.

Shannon Lark (Viscera Film Festival, Chainsaw Mafia, star of “Walking Distance”, “The Toy Box” and Joe Hollow’s “Cut”) has signed on to play “The Virgin Mary” in the film.  Joe Hollow (“Cut”, “Disciples”, writer/director/actor) is also signed on to play “Gabriel” in the movie, along with taking on executive producer duties.  Kaylee Williams (“3 Slices of Life”) joins the cast as “Carrie”.  Many familiar faces to Udler’s movies also will be featured in the film including Greg Johnson, Tom Lodewyck, Melissa Jo Murphy, Michael Katzenberger, Matt Ukena, Scott Rawson and Carmela Wiese. 

The movie films in early May, with a release date yet to be set, but Udler hopes to have it ready by late summer.  The movie, like all of Udler’s previous films, features an amazing soundtrack, which is still looking for bands and artists to feature.  Madison based “Lords of the Trident” and death metal band “Archimedes Death Ray” have already signed on to contribute music to the film. 

Debbie Rochon was initially pegged to play the role of “The Virgin Mary”, but scheduling conflicts prevented that from happening. 

“Debbie was so kind, and is so amazing in everything she does.  She works above the material every single time she does a movie.  But she’s very busy, and I really needed to get moving on the film, and Shannon Lark elevates the movie.  Just having her take the part brings the vibe of the movie to an entirely new and exciting level.  I’m blessed to have her on board”, Udler said.

Udler started the preliminary work on the story and script for “Mediatrix” in June of 2010, sharing the writing duties with Paula Waterman Duerksen.  Udler said he wrote a 60 page script and sent it to Waterman who then made it her own.

“Paula took the movie to a place I either couldn’t or just didn’t when I wrote the initial few pages.  She created something fresh, darkly hilarious and just top notch and interesting.  I can honestly say that nobody has ever seen a movie quite like this, because I have never read a script quite like this”.

Funding and scheduling issues pushed the movie from it’s initial October 2010 shooting date to April and May of 2011.

“Good things come to those who wait, I guess.  I never gave up on this movie, and Shannon never gave up on me, Paula wrote her ass off, Kaylee, Tom, everyone kept believing in it and this movie is proof that if you want it, and you will it to happen, and you never quit on it, it’ll happen.  I’m still just amazed at the cast and crew I’ve been fortunate enough to assemble.”

Money, investors and scheduling conflicts have plagued the start of shooting, but Udler is thrilled that everything is set and on the fast track now.

“I think every indie filmmaker, hell, every filmmaker has the exact same issues with getting a movie going.  The only difference is how much money you have to try and right the situation.” 

Izzy Sutton (“Dead Of Winter”) joins on to provide special effects.  Justin R Romine (“Afraid of Sunrise”) will handle the photography in the film, and Annie Clift returns to the crew to help with FX and in the technical department.  

More information on the movie can be found on Facebook, and also at

Udler hopes to have a trailer ready before the end of May and the film completed and ready for release by August 2011.

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