New Images and Character Details for THE HANGOVER 2

If you've noticed, the most recent teaser trailer and most of the images for The Hangover 2 that have been released are missing one person in the wolf pack... Doug, played by Justin Bartha. He was absent through most of the first movie because he was stuck an the roof of a hotel in Vegas. So what happened to him this time around? Why don't we see him? Is he missing in action again? According to Bartha... nope. 

Doug isn’t lost in this one. There are similar circumstances, but he’s a little bit more involved.

It's cool that he's a bigger role this time around, I guess the studio is just marketing the film around it's three biggest stars. Bradley Cooper, Zach Galifianakis and Ed Helms who had this to say in an interview with Empire,

Bangkok is fucking cool: romantic and terrifying. I was afraid I might spin out on some William S. Burroughs-like bender, but I resisted. For the most part. I didn’t feel like we’d started the movie ‘til we were in Bangkok - things started getting crazy, people started getting sick. We needed to get it into our blood. Literally. On a bacterial level. I’m delighted by the developments in Alan & Phil’s relationship… It gets tremendously physical!

So they really got a feel of the country and engulfed themselves in the madness. Cooper steps in to say "What you think is the punchline is actually the setup." That's incredibly encouraging. Helms then gives us a little more insight into his character telling us that, "you’ll see demons in Stu that will shake every fiber of your being." I love what I'm hearing!

Paul Giamatti also gave a recent interview with British GQ in which he talked about his role in the film. The actor is apparently sworn to secrecy about who he plays, but offered up this little tid bit of info.

I don’t think I’m supposed to reveal it entirely, but I play a really unpleasant, creepy guy who terrorizes them for a while. It’s like the first one, filled with all these odd little cameo parts.

Here are some final thoughts from Bartha,

Well your first instinct is to think ‘Sequel—shitty version of the first film out to make money.’ But as soon as that thought entered my head, I remembered: this is a movie written and directed by Todd Philips with the cast and crew of ‘The Hangover.’”

I seriously can't wait to see what this sequel has in store for us. At first I didn't think they would be able to top the first film, but it sounds like they really stepped it up, and we can expect to be blown away by it's awesomness. 

The Hangover 2 will hit theaters on May 26th, and here is the official synopsis:

In the follow-up to the record-breaking hit comedy “The Hangover,” Phil (Bradley Cooper), Stu (Ed Helms), Alan (Zach Galifianakis) and Doug (Justin Bartha) travel to exotic Thailand for Stu’s wedding. After the unforgettable bachelor party in Las Vegas, Stu is taking no chances and has opted for a safe, subdued pre-wedding brunch. However, things don’t always go as planned. What happens in Vegas may stay in Vegas, but what happens in Bangkok can’t even be imagined.

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