Source Code Scribe Ben Ripley Takes on new Sci-Fi Film 7th DAY

Australian director Shane Abbess (Gabriel) is set to direct a new sci-fi thriller written by Source Code screenwriter Ben Ripley. The film is called 7th Day and it's an original story from both the writer and director. As far as what the movie is about, all we know is that it "concerns a voyage to establish a new colony in outer space." 

It's not really a new concept, but we have no idea what's in store for us on this space voyage. Abbess does give a little insight saying it's "the Shining on a spaceship," and says,

We are always looking for young, inspiring filmmakers wanting to tell a unique, high-concept story, and after meeting Shane, I decided to immediately snap the property off the market... it's going to be a contemporary take with the soul of classic genre.

Ripley added, "We tried to design sequences at every turn which would surprise us and subvert genre expectations."

This movie sounds like it has some promise. I enjoy watching lower budget sci-fi films with solid stories, so hopefully 7th Day succeeds in that. 

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