Star Wars Inspired Home Theater

TechMovie Star Wars by Joey Paur

So I guess if you had a ton money, a 10,000 square foot Honolulu mansion, and a room to put in a custom made home theater this is something us geeks might want to do. 

This Star Wars themed home theater was designed by Custom Home Systems from San Diego. In case you're wondering the screen is a 107 inches. 

There's also a pair of life-sized talking C-3PO and R2-D2 in the room. The question do they pay actually people to play the droids at all times. To be honest, the droids in this home theater are the only real thing that resemble Star Wars. Everything else looks like it came out of the original TRON movie. 

Here's how the website Born Rich describes it...

The luxurious Star Wars theater set in a 20-by-14-foot space embeds the hi-fi technology to turn the reel life experience into real life experience, with a 107-inch Stewart Filmscreen display, life-size R2D2 and C3PO robots that talk, a three-dimensional fiber optic ceiling and a motorized pocket door entrance. The home theater room features two full racks of equipment that rotates 180 degrees for convenience of the homeowners.

Besides a dedicated sci-fi home theater, the main aim was to give uniformity of control and one-button access to each of the six TVs in the home to make it convenient for his kids to enjoy their sci-fi cinema right at the TV instead of having to go to a utility room to load in a DVD.

Oh yeah, let's not inconvenience the rich kids with having to load a DVD.

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