Han Solo Blaster Designed from 26 other Sci-Fi Guns

There's so many awesome sci-fi weapons that have been designed for films over the years. It would be great if some of these actually existed, but they don't. Here's a fun T-shirt design created by Ian Leino in which he took 26 sci-fi weapons to make the ultimate sci-fi gun... Han Solo's blaster. 

Inspired by the classic Han Solo quote “Hokey religions and ancient weapons are no match for a good blaster at your side, kid.” this design collects famous guns, blasters, disintigrators, rayguns and pulse pistols from 26 different movies and television shows (with a limit of just one weapon per franchise). Several of these created universes have a wealth of awesome weaponry so I’ve done my best to choose what I felt was the most iconic single weapon from each one.

The question is... can you name all of the movies and TV shows these sci-fi weapons come from?

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