Jesse Heiman, The Worlds Greatest Movie Extra

HumorMovie by Joey Paur

At one point in my life I did some movie extra work just to experience it. I did it to get on the set of of some TV shows and movies to observe how everything worked. I only did it for a few months while I was unemployed, and actually learned a lot. On top of that the food was great! I was actually a regular extra on the TV series Felicity and Malcolm in the Middle

Some people do it to try and get noticed, some do it for the food, others have made being an extra their profession. This guy Jesse Heiman has taken being an extra to a whole new level of being an extra and made it a career. It's not easy being an extra, and you get paid crap, but I guess a person could survive if they do it all the time. Heiman obviously has some kind of agent helping him out. Most extras don't get this kind of screen time in so many projects, knowing how the movie extra business is run, he's very lucky. He's got around 50 IMDB credits under his belt, and he's probably done more than that. 

The guy pretty much plays the same role in every film... Geek #1. I hope this video montage of his career entertains you. After watching this video you'll be able to spot this guy in every movie he's in from here on out. 

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