Liam Neeson Officially Signed on to TAKEN 2

So this is some great news! Yesterday we reported that Liam Neeson may not return to Luc Besson's Taken sequel because it was conflicting with Neeson's plans to take some time off. Knowing this Besson went ahead and put together a list of actors to replace Neeson such as including Mickey Rourke, Ralph Fiennes, Ray Winstone, Sean Bean and Jason Isaacs. I honestly didn't see the point in making the sequel without Neeson.

Thankfully Neeson and Besson have worked things out and he will return to reprise his role. The worked out a shooting schedule that both parties are happy with.

Neeson has been working his ass off, and he will get to take his vacation, taking the rest of the year off as soon as he's finished with Wrath of the Titans. He's also been working on The Grey for Joe Carnahan and Battleship for Peter Berg.

The guy definitley needs a break, but I'm happy to see he will be in Taken 2, which will now start shooting in early 2012.