Peter Pan films are flying all over Hollywood!

There have been a surprising number of Peter Pan related films hitting Hollywood. In February, a spec script by John Swetnam, titled The.Never.Land, which is described as "a big-budget tentpole, tells the story of Wendy and the forever-young boy with a Twilight-ish spin." Then at about the same time, an untitled Pan family adventure project was pitched to studios by Jeff Rake, producer of Wedding Crashers.

Those projects were overshadowed when Sony Pictures bought the Channing Tatum starring project with Billy Ray attached to write the script and Joe Roth set up as producer. The film titled simply Pan, "reimagines the classic 1904 stage play (and later novel) by J.M. Barrie with the boy and the dastardly Captain Hook as brothers."

On March 11, another Pan project titled Neverland was sent out to studios. The spec script is written by Aaron Henry and Kirk Kjeldsen from Aperture. This project mixes things up a bit with "Pan recast as a villain abducting London's children, while Hook, the hero, must stop him." Aperture's Adam Goldworm jokingly stated, "It's amazing that I picked the week that Peter Pan is more ubiquitous than Charlie Sheen." 

While Red Riding Hood is getting horrible reviews, there is a big push in Hollywood for fairy tale based films. Studios are making the move away from comic books superheros it seems. Audiences will soon have the chance to see a number of Snow White versions in the works, Paramount's Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters and Jack the Giant Killer at Warner Bros.

Theater audiences are not the only ones that are getting in on the Peter Pan action. SyFy has a four-hour Neverland miniseries in the works. Keira Knightley recently closed a deal to play the voice of Tinker Bell in what is planned as a prequel of sorts. 

I am excited for some of these projects, especially Neverland with it's plan to change up the good and bad guy roles a bit. What are your thoughts of all the Peter Pan flutter in Hollywood?

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