Brian Grazer says Javier Bardem is in the right mindset for THE DARK TOWER

It's good to know that Javier Bardem is in the right mindset to take on the role of the Gunslinger in The Dark Tower films. MTV caught up with Brian Grazer and was able to get some details about the highly anticipated project. 

Check out the video below:

Here is what Grazer said:

"'Dark Tower,' Javier Bardem, that's what we're hoping. We're in the process of trying to put that together. Will that make you happy? Will that make MTV happy?"

Not only does that make MTV happy, that makes me pretty happy. Here is what Grazer said when asked if Bardem had officially signed and what other actors were being sought for the project:

"He's locked in psychologically. He really wants to do it, so we're absolutely rooting for him to do it." We're really just focused on Javier right now.

As you know this project will be rolled out on multiple platforms including film, TV and video games. Here is what Grazer had to say about that effort:

"It's challenging to capture all of it, the density of it, adding that he's excited to explore all the metaphors involved, and that the first story they're exploring is that of "The Gunslinger."

Are you excited about this film? Do you think Bardem is the perfect choice to fill the role?

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