Lionsgate will be releasing its new supernatural thriller Siren on March 22nd on DVD. The film has a great story about the mythological character which finds a group of friends out boating who find a young girl needing help who actually turns into their worst nightmare. She is a Siren, a sea nymph who lures people in by her sweet singing mariners to destruction on the rocks surrounding her island.

Siren stars Anna Skellern (The Descent Part 2), Tereza Srbova (Ink Heart), Eoin Macken (The Tudors), Anthony Jabre who all make this film really fun to watch. It's not a great movie but it does have its creepy moments and just a touch of special effects and blood, which as a horror fan I always love plenty of blood. The DVD has a running time of 80 minutes which is just right for a film like this.

Special Features: Deleted Scenes

Bottom line is go RENT this cool supernatural thriller when it drops on DVD on March 22nd.


In desperate need of a weekend away from the busy city, a group of friends escape to the coast in search of relaxation. Instead, they find themselves in grave danger after one of them spots a sultry young woman in need of help on one of the islands off the coast.  The friends don't know it, but they are risking their very lives for this seductive stranger.



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