Short List of Actresses Reading for Len Wiseman's TOTAL RECALL Remake

Sony Pictures is gearing up to start shooting the Total Recall remake with Len Wiseman (Underworld) set to direct, and Colin Ferrell set to star in the role previously played by Arnold Schwarzenegger. 

The studio is currently on the hunt for two leading female roles in the movie. The first role is for the character Lori previously played by Sharon Stone, the happy homemaker wife of Douglas Quaid, who turned into the wife from hell. There is also the role of Melina that needs to be filled originally played by Rachel Ticotin, the woman who helps the protagonist get to the bottom of the futuristic scandal on Mars. 

Deadline reports that Kate Bosworth and Diana Kruger are reading for the role of Lori. Paula Patton, Eva Green, Jessica Biehl and are up for the role Melina. Eva Mendes is up for both parts. 

As previously, Philip K. Dick's story, We Can Remember It for You Wholesale will once again be the basis of this film. The story is about a man with recurring dreams of traveling to Mars who buys a literal dream vacation from a company called Rekall Inc., which sells implanted memories.  Something goes terribly wrong with the implant and he believes he is a secret agent fighting  to overthrow a despotic ruler controlling the production of air.  It's not known how Kurt Wimmer's script deals with Dick's favorite topic of reality vs. delusion, with audiences having to make up their own minds if the movie was a dream.  

I will be interesting to see another persons vision for this story, but I'm not excited to see Total Recall go through a remake. As for the female casting, any of these actresses could take on these roles, and since I'm not that excited for the movie I really don't care who gets it. What are your thoughts?

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