GeekTyrant teams up with HorrorHound this weekend! March 25-27

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Hey peeps! GeekTyrant is teaming up with HorrorHound this weekend, March 25-27 so come on out and check out this huge event! There's so many guests and cool things going on I can't even mention them all here. Be sure to find me and the GeekTyrant booth because we will be giving away cool STUDIO swag all weekend long! Also, look for our scream queens who will be selling the cool-ass GeekTyrant t-shirt and declare your Tyrancy! I'll give you a sneak peak of what and who all is a part of this cool-ass weekend!









This is just a small amount of the cool people you'll get to see this weekend and YES, MushroomHead will be rocking out Saturday night and there's other cool evetns planned! I'm in Heaven!

Here's the event schedule:

3:30-5:00 - Lethal Obsession (screening) Room-B
5:00-6:30 - Cyrus: Mind of a Serial Killer Room-A
6:00-7:00 - TheHMA FX/Artists (panel) Room-B
6:30-7:20 - Laid to Rest II (panel) Room-A
7:00-8:00 - Troma Mini-Masters Room-B
7:20-8:20 - Steve Johnson Monster Panel (panel)Room-A
8:20--9:00 - Killer Klowns from Outer Space (panel) Room-A
8:00-10:00 - Horror Host Tribute: Vampira (screening) Room-B
9:00-10:30 - After Party Massacre (screening) Room-A
10:00-10:30 - Invisible Man Corp. Room-B
10:30-11:00 - Ron Fitzgerald Magic Show Room-B
11:00-12:00 - Vivé La Spookshow Room-B
12:00-2:00 - Deadpit Film Commentary Room-A

11:00-1:00 - Absentia (screening) Room-A
11:00-1:00 - Vincentennial Super-8 Film Fest (in 3-D) Room-B
1:00-2:30 - Frankenstein Syndrome (screening) Room-A
1:00-2:00 - Dan Horne Sculpture Class Room-B
2:00-3:00 - Extreme Paranormal's Shaun Burris (panel) Room-B
2:30-3:15 - Halloween III (panel) Room-A
3:00-4:00 - Horror Host Roast of Mr. Lobo Room-B
3:15-4:00 - '80s Slasher Fest (panel) Room-A
4:00-6:00 - Without Warning (screening/panel) Room-B
4:00-4:45 - House by the Cemetery (panel) Room-A
5:00-6:30 - Tucker & Dale vs. Evil (screening) Room-A
5:00-7:00 - Sid Haig Photo Op (information at Sid's table)
6:00-7:00 - Horror Host Hall of Fame Ceremony Room-B
7:00-7:30 - Zacherley Horror Host Tribute Room-B
7:45-8:45 - Invisible Man Corp Room-A (free to weekend/gold pass holders)
8:45-9:00 - Opening Act (concert) Room-A (free to weekend/gold pass holders)
9:00-9:30 - Costume Contest Room-A (free to weekend/gold pass holders/contest entries)
9:30-11:00 - Mushroomhead (concert) Room-A (free to weekend/gold pass holders)
*Horror Host Room Closes at 6:00pm

11:00-12:30 - The Collective (screening) Room-A
11:00-12:30 - TBA (screening) Room-B
12:30-1:00 - Special Event (panel) Room-A
12:30-2:00 - World Zombie Day Room-B
1:00-2:30 - Raymond Did It (screening) Room-A
2:00-4:00 - TBA (screening) Room-B
2:30-4:00 - TBA (screening) Room-A

Visit HorrorHound for more info including directions and accommodations and to see the entire guest list!

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