2 New Character Posters for THOR Features Loki and Sif

Marvel has released two more new character posters for Kenneth Branagh's Thor featuring Tom Hiddleston as Loki and Jamie Alexander as Sif. To check out the three previous Thor character posters click here

“ LOKI: Younger brother to Thor, the mischievous and clever Loki is jealous of his older brother and often stands in his shadow. But when Thor is banished to Earth, Loki seizes the opportunity to rule Asgard. Through deception and a dangerous alliance, Loki sets his plan in motion and now the fate of the Earth and all the Nine Realms hangs in the balance. ”

“ SIF: The most distinguished warrior-maiden in all of Asgard, Sif is known for her boldness, cunning, and weapon expertise. Few can match her in combat… or in beauty. Unlike Thor, she is uninterested in the glamour and theatrics of fame… but like him, Sif craves the thrill of battle and the honor of serving her kingdom. ”

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