Vintage Video: Comic Book Conventions 23 Years Ago

Comic book geek conventions were a completely different world 23 years ago. 1988 was a time before comic book movies were popular in Holloywood so they didn't take over the conventions. Comic books were still the main attraction, and not pushed into the corner. Most importantly it was a time before the internet maddness. It's pretty cool to see how the geek world was portrayed before it became mainsteam. The video below was created by YouTube user Joe Field, and it takes us into the 1988 WonderCon convention.

Here's the note that came along with the YouTube video. 

After the success of the first two Wonderful World of Comics Conventions, it was time to promote the 1989 to prospective exhibitors and publishers. This video--- which for 1988 was actually ahead of its time--- is a review of the 1988 convention, featuring interviews with Stan Lee, Will Eisner, Tom DeFalco, Will Jacobs and Mark Bodé, plus news-clips from San Francisco TV stations, and it's all hosted by Joe Field in his still re-Flying Colors' days. Produced at Continental Cablevision in Stockton CA by Michael January.

Watch the video below and tell us what you think! Enjoy your trip back in time. 

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