Description of Hawkeye's Costume in THE AVENGERS

Earlier today we reported some fun spoilerish news regarding Marvel's Hawkeye who is being played by Jeremy Renner in The Avengers. I'm really interested in seeing what Hawkeye's actual costume is going to look like. It was previously reported that it wouldn't be the classic comic book outfit that we've all become familiar with. We do have a description here from our friends at Latino Review that gives us some insight into what we can expect to see.

Disney/Marvel showed a featurette about the upcoming production of the film. In the featurette, there was an artist rendition of actor's Jeremy Renner's Hawkeye character. The costume is not the purple costume from the comic books. But, it is a black sleeveless costume with a little bit of maroon. There is the Hawkeye symbol on the chest and he carries modern professional bow.

I know it doesn't sound like much, but it seems pretty simple and effective. Care to share your thoughts?

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