First photo of Andy Serkis in his Gollum unitard on the set of THE HOBBIT

The Hobbit is currently filming in New Zealand and now we have our first look at Andy Serkis back at work, in his Gollum, motion-capture unitard. CinemaBlend has a nice description of how the his character is captured for the film in case you are not aware:

Gollum is a computer generated character, but his performance isn’t really computer generated. Scenes featuring Gollum are filmed with Andy Serkis right there, acting out the part as if he is Gollum, but wearing that rather silly looking suit which helps the animators capture his performance. He’s then replaced by the CGI version of the character, which mirrors what he does. And that, is how you make CGI characters look good. For some reason, even a decade later, very few other films bother to do this, and it’s a good example of how special effects haven’t really gotten all that much better since LOTR. 

The One Ring has some other images fromt the set so feel free to check them out.

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