Michael Clarke Duncan to Voice Kilowog in GREEN LANTERN

Movie Green Lantern by Joey Paur

According to our friends at Latino Reivew actor Michael Clarke Duncan will most likely be providing the voice for Kilowog in Green Lantern. Here is what they report that comes from two of their sources.

Michael Clarke Duncan is in talks to voice KILOWOG, a towering member of the Green Lantern Corps who is the primary trainer of the Corps' newest recruits.

Duncan has a fantastic voice that is perfect for this character, so they made a good call here if it all goes through, becasue until it's solid this is just a rumor. I just hope the movie ends up being better than the trailer that was released. This movie could easily end up being disappointing. 

Here’s a little background on the character.

Kilowag is one of the many Green Lanterns in the DC Universe.  He is known as one of the smartest and toughest of all of the Green Lanterns.

As a gifted scientist from the planet Bolovax Vik, Kilowog was found and recruited by the Guardian of the Universe. Along with serving as the Green Lantern of sector 674, Kilowog helped train Hal Jordan who is known for being the most impressive and well-known green lantern.

Kilowog's home planet was blown up during the "Crisis on Infinite Earths" series. He was able to save them all by storing their life essences into his ring before the explosion. Years later he found a suitable replacement for Bolovax Vik in a different sector. But as soon as he resurrected all of the citizens of the new Bolovax Vik, the Green Lantern Sinestro destroyed the planet permanently killing everyone, which led to Kilowog's temporary insanity.

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