DOCTOR WHO Series 6 Updates And New Trailer

 There's been a bit of new Doctor Who series 6 news over the past few days.  There's some potentially spoilery stuff here, so...

 SFX reported that the title of the top secret episode Neil Gaiman wrote is "The Doctor's Wife".

A short prequel to the two part season opener, "The Impossible Astronaut" appeared online.

And a serious trailer for series 6 has just emerged.

There's lots of neat stuff in there.  The Tenth Doctor's control room is clearly seen at :37.  The lines "Fear me.  I killed hundreds of Time Lords."  "Fear me.  I killed all of them." kind of fit the rumors of the War Chief returning in Gaiman's episode.

Grab a jammie dodger (or a jelly baby, if you prefer) and nerd out in the comments.

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