Awesome Batmobile Redesign Contest Art

Art BatmobileBatman by Joey Paur

CarDesignFetish recent wrapped up a cool little contest where they asked people to redesign Batman's Batmobile. As you all know this is one of the most iconic vehicles ever, and has gone through several designs over the years in the comic books, TV and the movies. The entry's were evaluated on the merits of cool design and sketching basics, so perspective and proportion were important. A lot of these designs are freakin' awesome and very creative.

The winner of the contest was Paul Denton who created the the design directly below, which has a cool little spooky feel to it. The image above was designed by Matt Gould and he won the international portion of the contest.

Check out some of the Batmobile designs below and let us know what your favorite one is. 

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