Check out the poster and new trailer for the upcoming 80's feel slasher THE SLEEPER


I got this retroistic (is that even a word?) 80's feel trailer sent over to me this morning and wanted to share it with my  GT peeps! The trailer is for the upcoming slasher flick The Sleeper which was written and directed by Justin Russell. Retro slasher style! We'll have more on this flick soon!


The Sleeper is an 80's slasher film. It follows one new pledge, Amy, as she learns the in's and out's of Alpha Gamma Theta. Little do her and the other sisters know, a stalker is watching them. As the girls shower, study, eat and sleep he lurks in the shadows studying them. One by one he finds the girls when they are at their most vulnerable, asleep, and kills them brutally. As each remaining girl gets a threatening phone call, they must fight to stay alive...alone.


The Sleeper - Official Trailer from Justin Russell on Vimeo.

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