The CROCALOCTOPUS Comic Book debuts at WonderCon Tomorrow!

Comic Book Horror by brians



Finally the Croca has come back to Wonder Con but actually this is the first time! I just always wanted to say that!

The Crocaloctopus One shot comic book debuts this weekend at Wondercon 2011. Crocaloctopus is created and written by yours truly aka Brian Shirley with inside artwork and an "all ages" cover by Richard Zerga, Kristi Zerga, with inks by Noel Serrato and a special "Blood Soaked" cover by Dennis Willman. All of this is to continnue to capture the attention of Syfy and The Asylum to try and get a movie made for Crocky!


 A mad scientist that has crossed DNA to create a truly monstrous hybrid and accidentally launches it into society! The comic is part of a marketing campaign to bring ol' Crocky to the Sy-Fy channel! Pencils, inks, colors by Richard Zerga, Kristi 'Batz' Zerga, and Noel Serrato. Two covers will be available. The first is a blood soaked cover by Dennis Willman, the second more kid friendly, by Kristi and Richard. The comic book cast includes Jerry Murdock, Brooke Lewis, Marv Blauvelt, Jessica Cameron, Heather Dorff, Suki Peters, Kitsie Duncan and our very own fearless leader Joey Paur aka Dr. Venkman!

The comic book is only $5.00 so go grab one while they last! The LEGENDS crew will be at booth SP-37 in the small press area


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