A New APOLLO 18 Viral Site Has Gone LIVE!

Just a heads up for all of you following all of the Apollo 18 news. A new viral site has launched, click here to check it out. There's so much buzz behind this movie, did it happen? Or is being marketed like Blair Witch back in the late 90's? No matter what, they are getting the word out and peoples interest in it.

It's evident that “found-footage” films are becoming a popular trend for studios.  Even Bob Weinstein says this footage is real, but of course we know it's a marketing ploy, or is it?

Apollo 18 is also marks the first Dimension release to base its marketing campaign almost entirely on social media and the Internet. Says Weinstein,

“The traditional way has always been television.” 


Visit the new viral site right here http://apollo18movie.net/cosmonauts/


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