Featured Geek Artist: Coran "Kizer" Stone - This Art is Awesome!

Art by Joey Paur

There are so many artists in the world that do such great work, we want to try and give exposure to as many of them as we can so we've starting a Featured Artist column that will focus on one artist, and a collection of their work. 

This week we featured two pieces of Geek Art from Deviant Art user Kizer180 also known as Coran "Kizer" StoneA Little Juice B4 Justice and Woody from Toy Story as Clint Eastwood from The Good The Bad and The Ugly. These are just a couple of pieces from the artist awesome collection of work. I love this guys stuff, and I dig his style. I'm sure you will as well. I just wanted to share some more of my favorite pieces of his work with you, and get it all out there.

I'm an artist that's been naturally extracting for some time now. Extracting with my eyes and mind from reality or nature and transforming it into nto whatever.... As some of you might know I draw silly,disturbing, random, hybrid, fairytale, superhero and so on type of shazz. 

Check out the artwork below and tell us what you think! Enjoy!


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