Two new heist films closer to production; Andrew Garfield may star in one

Fans of heist films get ready for some good news! There are currently two new heist films gaining momentum in Hollywood that plant to get back to the basics of bank robbery. Sony is considering making a film called The Robber, which is a remake of a well-regarded German movie about a marathon runner who robs banks for sport. According to a source close to the project, Andrew Garfield has seen the original film and is interested in playing the lead part. 

The original film was directed by Benjamin Heisenberg and was  based on the true story of the German bank robber Johann Rettenberger. Writers are currently being sought for the new project to add a degree of backstory to make the film more palatable to  a mainstream American audience.

The second film in the works is from the producers of Blue Valentine. The long gestating project titled Electric Slide is about Los Angeles' "so-called gentleman bank robber Eddie Dodson. In the 1980s, Dodson robbed banks all over Southern California to support his trendy Melrose Avenue shop as well as a growing drug habit. But he never shot anyone and, in fact, used a fake gun as he committed his robberies."The LA Times has some detailed information about Dodson who died in 2003.

Ewan McGregor is attached to play the bank robber. Carey Mulligan was attached to star at one point but has since left the project. The film has had a mix of different producers who've not been successful getting this into production. Valentine producer, Jamie Patricof (Half Nelson) has a history of getting challenging films to the screen. A new script is expected in the coming weeks from writer/director Tristan Patterson.

I have alwasy loved heist movies and both of these projects seem like ones I would see. My personal favorite film is Heat, but I also loved The Town. What are your thoughts of this news? Which heist films are your favorites?

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