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The Third Testament Synopsis:

"The Third Testament" follows the discovery of four lost gospels that are included in the canon of the bible as the third testament. Some believe the gospels are fake, while others believe their discovery will lead to the improvement of humanity. For one nonbeliever, it is the key to finding her husband, a documentary film maker gone missing after interviewing the archeologist who discovered the missing gospels.

First-time director Matt Dallmann’s The Third Testament is a thriller/mockumentary that tells the “what if” story of the discovery of a third testament in the Bible and missing filmmaker Jacob Mathews,

The movie is shot realistically and clearly on the red camera as if the audience is watching an actual documentary. It follows Caroline (Amy Weins-Dallmann) who is looking for the truth behind her husband Jacob’s disappearance. She persistently pursues and documents her conversations with Phineas Black (Eric Michael Gillett) who is the films antagonist. Gillett, who at one instant claims to be the devil, steals the show in The Third Testament with his evilness and uncaring nature. Throughout the film we watch an odd bond form between Caroline and Phineas, almost like the relationship between Hannibal Lector and Clarice Starling in Silence of the Lambs. This odd relationship is the heart of the movie! The supporting cast also do a great job in making you think you're watching a documentary and not a mockumentary.

The story has very few slow moments and keeps your interest up until the very end where her questions are answered. Don’t look for any big special FX or anything like that as this movie is story driven from beginning to end. We have an age-old curiosity with the Bible and the stories in it. This is a great watch fro anyone who has ever had questions, which I bet is just about all of us. It’s nothing more than a “what if” story for entertainment purposes and nothing more.

The DVD doesn't have any special features, not even a commentary track.

Go RENT The Third Testament when it hits DVD on March, 8 with a modest run time of 78 minnutes.


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