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Kodie Synopsis:

David, a paranormal investigator, has come to a point in his life where everything he cares about is being ripped away in domestic turmoil. He soon finds himself and his team caught in a world of an enraged murderous little girl named Kodie in the form of a Teddy bear. Set forth by a witches curse, She rips,eats,dismembers and lays waste to the abusive hearts of the town, leaving them in a pool of red chaos and mangled corpses. 

.... Now they must free themselves from the torment of Kodie's ruthless brutal Hell....

Kodie is an independent horror film from director Able Berry who also co-stars in the horror flick with Parrish Randall, Alan Rowe Kelly, Jayson Champion, Jennifer Stone, Kristen Hall and many others. The story is about a witch, a girl dressed as a teddy bear and lots of blood and dead bodies. Kodie finds her victims and drags them back to her bloody and muddy tent that is set up out in a field somewhere. There you find a stockpile of bodies that have turned into Kodie's collection of sorts.

The story, set in Texas,  follows a paranormal team (S.H.A.T.T.) led by David (Jayson Champion) who are  investigating  a string of local murders. They find the trail that leads them into a shit load of trouble, death and a dead end that is Kodie.  

Breaking down the film- This was Abel Berry’s directing debut and he did a pretty good job with what he had to work with on a micro-budget. The story itself is fun and with Berry also placing himself in the film, his character Jasper is the dark horse to watch, that’s all I’ll say.  There’s some humor that is timed out just right and the good thing is they didn’t over do it with the one-liners.  The film is shot well and the sound is ok, which are the two key things that kill it with many  indie films.

Alan Rowe Kelly plays the old witch who makes the curse of Kodie which becomes the towns legend. Just a myth or is it real, they all find out in the end! Kelly isn't in the film much but plays an important part in the story. The makeup FX are great making Kelly look like a cross bewteen a witch and a devil. when I say devil, that's thanks to smart camera angling and using shadows.

Jennifer Stone makes the character Kodie her own. The look on her pretty face is just creepy, can I say those two things together? It’s just watching her facial expressions and her movements in the teddy bear costume.

Parish Randall plays Sheriff Briar who is on the trail of the killing spree. The character is likable and one of the films heroes but he does eventually meet up with Kodie in the films showdown along with our favorite paranormal lead David. Who wins? I’m not telling!

Kodie is a fun story and well written, almost fairytale like but it has its flaws, mostly with the budget, they needed a bigger budget for this movie. The blood and gore are done very well though and as an avid horror fan I enjoyed that. The acting is good and like I said earlier it is shot well and the sound is clear and that alone makes Kodie stand out from many other indie efforts.  

I’m looking forward to what Abel Berry and producer Andrew Rose bring us next! I’d also like to see Kodie return one day for round two.







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