7 Old School Sci-Fi Movie Posters that Sold for $2 Million Bucks!

Here's an awesome collection sci-fi movie posters that recently sold for $2 million freakin' dollars! These went up for sale on ebay with the following description:

Up for sale are 7 posters that constitute arguably the greatest movie poster collection in the world. Certainly, one could not say that they have the greatest science fiction collection without them. Each poster is unique and the only copy known to exist. All 7 of these posters transcend the movie poster field.

The set that sold for $2 million included posters for The Day the Earth Stood Still, Howard Hawks' The Thing From Another World, When Worlds Collide, The Man From Planet X, The War of the Worlds, Forbidden Planet' and Conquest of Space.

Why are they so expensive? Because apparently they are the only remaining copies. According to Mrs. Miniver,

Each poster is unique and the only copy known to exist.

Check out the posters and let us know what you think!

Here's a description of each poster:

  • 1951 - THE DAY THE EARTH STOOD STILL - 24-sheet - The 1950s were not all "Happy Days." The war was over but the aftershock was still very present. Post-WWII paranoia spawned from the fear of the new atomic age. This prompted a wave of science fiction cinema, exploiting the nightmare proposition of annihilation and radiological mutation.

    The Day the Earth Stood Still, granddaddy of the 1950s films. Truly one of the few films to have changed cinema. Still very relevant today. This poster has all the elements - the robot, the girl, the government, and pandemonium as alien forces grip the world. Robert Wise's best film.

    When the studios designed their poster campaigns the 24-sheets were typically created first. The result being that the 24-sheet would most often have best and the strongest images. This poster is all of that. A more fantastic poster does not exist! Another copy of this poster is not known to exist! 24-sheets are the rarest poster size. Very few 24-sheets survived on any films, only several hundred printed and most were destroyed, pasted on billboards, displayed on dead walls, and used on the sides of trucks. It is remarkable this poster survived. Approximately 9-feet by 20-feet, and in M/Near mint condition, linenbacked in one piece - ready for display. A KEY movie poster and for sure one of the GREATEST! "Klaatu barada nikto."
  • 1951 - THE THING - 24 sheet - Howard Hawks' 1950's masterpiece! AKA - The Thing From Another World. This production is noted for having the first space monster on film, as well as being rumored to have had Orson Welles' input on set during filming. A classic film and a classic poster! The photo here does not do justice to the poster. Exquisite sharpness brings the bloody letters to life when viewed in person - IMPRESSIVE! This poster is unused in M/Near mint condition, and measures approximately 9 feet by 20 feet. It is the only copy known to exist and is for sure one of the greatest movie posters. 
  • 1951 - WHEN WORLDS COLLIDE - 24-sheet - One of cinema's first disaster films. This early George Pal science fiction won an Academy award for special effects back in 1951. Not Star Wars but great special effects nevertheless. A breathtaking poster with tons of impact! A great companion to the rest of the posters in this offering. M/Near mint condition, unbacked. It is also approximately 9 feet by 20 feet.

    All of these posters were obtained by one of the pioneer movie poster collectors back in the early 1950s. 24-sheets are nearly nonexistent on any film. The only reason this group survived was because they were purchased directly from the poster exchange at the time of the films original release!  Pretty remarkable for someone to have that foresight. The fact this group remains intact 50 years later is one of the reasons they are the GREATEST movie posters. 
  • 1951 - THE MAN FROM PLANET X - United Artists Lobby Standee cut-out Kit - "The WEIRDEST Visitor the Earth has ever seen!" One of the most popular 1950's movie titles and poster images. Here is the biggest of them all! This display when assembled stands 3 inches shy of 10 feet tall! 117 inches by 82 inches to be exact.

    The kit includes the original United Artists MAN FROM PLANET X - 24 inch by 82 inch title banner (see photo # 12). It also includes the 3 panel (24-sheet) image of the man from planet X (see photo #10 & 11). This is the left side of the 24 sheet poster printed by the studio. United Artists along with ALL the major studios designed and produced their 24 sheet posters to be displayed in full AND to be made into cut-out lobby displays. This information comes from the pressbooks on many of these movies. It is quite common for pressbooks to show illustrations on how to make the cutouts. This poster WAS DESIGNED TO BE A CUT-OUT. This section was found together with an additional small bottom piece (see photo #8).

    The condition is unused Near/Mint condition. This is the only copy of this original known to exist. The colors and the printing are fantastic. The standee would need to be assembled by a qualified expert. The photo pictured of the cut-out (see photo #9) was digitally assembled to show what the poster will look like when mounted. IT HAS NOT BEEN CUT-OUT YET! This display is one of the strongest entertainment memorabilia items to be offered on eBay.
  • 1953 - THE WAR OF THE WORLDS - 24-sheet - For just plain style this poster wins the prize! Remarkable artwork and this fantastic title treatment add beautifully to the legend of  The War of the Worlds. It began as classic novel by H.G. Wells, then it was turned it into the most listened to and talked about radio play of the century by Orson Welles, fifteen years after that George Pal made this classic film version. Clearly one of the most important and enduring stories and at the top of the 1950s science fiction genera. Steven Spielberg and Tom Cruise have made a modern-day version of the film, and much like the King Kong remakes, it doesn't hold the same charm and impact as the original.

    The 24-sheet posters in this collection were ALL printed sharper than their smaller 1-sheet counterparts. Different printing presses of higher quality were used. The War of the Words is a great example of the superior resolution. On the 1-sheet, the two human characters are soft. This 24-sheet is razor crisp!  In fact, upon close-up inspection, the images (down to the tiniest detail) are dramatically clearer and sharper than on the 1-sheet. Truly amazing! This poster is unused in M/Near mint condition, and measures approximately 9 feet by 20 feet. This War of the Worlds poster is the only copy known to exist and is obviously one of the GREATEST movie posters! 
  • 1956 - FORBIDDEN PLANET - 24 sheet - No serious science fiction collection is complete without this title. LEGENDARY! Shakespeare's The Tempest in space. The definitive robot (Robby the Robot) on the definitive robot poster. AMAZING is the word! However, this photo is not too amazing. It is a scan of a Xerox - pretty sad, but it gives you a general idea of the colossal nature of this item. This is the only copy known to exist and is unused in near mint condition, measuring approximately 9 feet by 20 feet. Arguably THE GREATEST, but certainly no argument on being one of the GREATEST movie posters in existence!
  • 1954 - CONQUEST OF SPACE - 24-sheet - Last and definitely the least important of the films, but still an impressive vintage poster. A magnificent image, 14 years before Stanley Kubrick's 2001: A Space Odyssey. Another George Pal production. This poster is in M/Near mint condition and is unbacked. It is the same size as the other 24-sheets, 9 feet by 20 feet.
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