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Welcome back, Tyrants. Join Dr. Venkman, Mazer, Tiberius, and Ben P. as they discuss some of the latest movie news and talk about two releases from last Friday: The Adjustment Bureau and Take Me Home Tonight. Feel free to e-mail us with comments or questions (check the roster page for our individual e-mail addresses), or leave a comment right here at the bottom of the page.


We talk TV for a while - 00:00 to 07:59

Box Office Numbers - 08:00

Connect 3 - 08:47


Mazer saw Rango - 11:16

The Adjustment Bureau - 14:00

Take Me Home Tonight - 21:39

Geek News

Guillermo del Toro's involvment with At The Mountains of Madness and Pacific Rim - 27:15

Stallone won't direct The Expendables 2 - 36:25

New HBO show coming called Hobgoblin - 39:19

Coming Soon

Movies - 45:18

Wrap-up - 54:25