Jake Gyllenhaal and Richard Kelly Re-Team for new DONNIE DARKO Film

According to a new report director Richard Kelly and actor Jake Gyllenhaal are going to team up again for a brand new Donnie Darko film. The movie won’t really be a sequel, it's being planned more as a flash sideways kind of movie. Kelly described as “taking place in the same time period as the original film, but in an alternate future universe.” Um, OK... that doesn’t really make that much sense, but then what Richard Kelly movie really does? He’s taking the world of Donnie Darko into a much more insane place. 

As you know Kelly's most recent films haven’t done too well. Southland Tales and The Box were both box office bombs, and they got terrible reviews. I may be one of the only movie geeks that stuck by Kelly and appreciated his films for what they were. In my opinion his biggest mistake was casting Cameron Diaz in The Box - she ruined that movie. 

The Donnie Darko franchise is familiar territory for Kelly, and it has a built in fan base. He needs something to succeed and he thinks that Donnie Darko will give him the opportunity to reconnect with his audience. He had nothing to do with the Donnie Dark sequel S. Darko, which was awful. But this next film won’t have anything to do with S. Darko. This next film will act as if that story never happened. 

For those of you who don’t remember, the original film follows a troubled teenager who is plagued by visions of a large evil looking bunny rabbit that manipulates Donnie to commit a series of crimes/pranks, after narrowly escaping a bizarre accident with a jet engine crashing in his bedroon. There aren't many details on what the film's story, but here's what we do know... Kelly revealed that the film will take place at the same time as the events that happened in his original film, but at the same time will be in an alternate future universe. The director said Gyllenhaal will reprise his role as an older Donnie who's locked away in an insane asylum as he constantly relives the events in the first film... in his mind. Of course the evil Rabbit will confront Donnie in this other reality, and Darko begins to fall deeper into insanity. I’m sure this will all lead up to a whacked out ending.

Kelly had this to say in a statement:

I never thought I would go back to this world and these characters. I felt like I was done with them, but I had this idea, and I felt I had to bring it to life. I owe it to all the fans of Donnie Darko.

So what do you all think about Kelly making this new Donnie Darko film?








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