Ryan Reynolds Promises GREEN LANTERN will be a Space Epic

I'm one of several geeks out there that were kind of disappointed with the Green Lantern trailer when it was released. It had it's problems, it didn't look like it was going to be the Green Lantern movie we were all hoping for, but maybe there's hope. In a recent interview with the LA Times Ryan Reynolds defends the movie saying it's going to be a space epic, and that it will not be the comedic type film that it looks like. Here's what he had to say,

They were worried about it. I think people should have their opinions. Fanboys are known to have a very loud voice. They’re known to beat their chest hard when they like or dislike something, and that’s all part of the game. I know, because I was an integral part of the shooting process, that the movie is not a comedy at all. There’s definitely a few funny moments in it. The levity is really kind of more in a Han Solo kind of vein than anything broader.

He then goes on to talk about taking the lead role in a major studio film,

You are quite exposed. You’re putting yourself out there on the rounds, and the push is just gonna be astronomical for this. It’s kind of exciting.

Well, to be honest just because the push is big doesn't mean the movie will be good. The actor then goes on to talk about why he took the role saying,

A movie like this, you can’t even really get a script when you meet with the director. You have to base your decision solely on concept art and what their objectives are. For me, what sold me was the space epic. The idea of doing a superhero movie particularly in a summer particularly crowded with superhero films – it’s not really necessarily appealing to watch a guy earthbound. For me, it wasn’t. I love the space idea. The idea that it’s kind of like ‘Star Wars.’ I just knew that it would encompass so much ingenuity, creating a whole other world.

Reynolds was then asked about the Justice League movie coming in 2013 and if he would return to reprise his role as Hal Jordan... his response,

That’s a whole other conversation. That’s a whole business model and nothing to do with me at all. No one has ever approached me about doing a ‘Justice League’ movie. We’ll see if they do it in the long run.

I am excited to see Green Lantern, he such a cool character that I always thought would make for a great movie. The big question is... will the movie be great or will it be mediocre? I guess we'll find out when it's released on June 17th.

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