Geek Art: Marvel Masterpiece Sketch Card Set

Art Marvel by Joey Paur

Today's Geek Art is a very cool Marvel Masterpiece sketch card set that comes from artist Matthew Humphreys

Here's the list of characters in the collection:

Black Cat, Scarlet Witch, Gertrude/Arsenic
Storm, Gwen Stacy, She-Hulk
Rogue, Mystique, Emma Frost
Tigra, Nico Minoru, Black Widow (had to do at least one card in that style)
Tempest, Thor Girl, Titania
Turbo, Thundra, Tarantula
Iron Man, X-23, Puck
Daredevil, Cyclops, Colossus
Dr Strange, Spidey, Vulture
Nick Fury, Beast, J.Jonah Jameson
Sabertooth, Namor, Red Hulk
US Agent, Captain America, Rhino
Gambit, Magneto, Thing
Chamber, Ghost Rider, Man-Thing
Iron Fist, Dagger, Cloak
Dirk Anger, The Captain, Deadpool
The Spot, Abomination

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