Warner Bros. Developing Frank Miller's THE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS as an Animated Feature

I've been hearing rumblings about Warner Bros. making a adaptation of Frank Miller's classic comic book The Dark Knight Returns for awhile now, but it looks like there may be some confirmation that it's really happening. According to inside sources, work is already underway on the film adaptation of Miller and Klaus Janson‘s incredible Batman story.

I love this comic, and I hope to hell they get it right. Warner Bros.' DC animated film projects have been hit and miss. This is one of those stories they can't get wrong. The same team that brought us All-Star Superman and are currently creating Batman: Year One is bringing this story to life.

This is such an epic story, and I would love to see it get a decent budget and go to the big screen, but unfortunatley it most likely won't... even though it deserves it.  I hope they don't water it down either. This movie needs to be a straight adaptation of the comic, which would take it to the level of an 'R' rating. Now if they could only get Clint Eastwood to provide the voice...

What are your thoughts on The Dark Knight Returns getting a animated film adaptation?

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