Do You Want to Know the Title of Judd Apatows new Comedy?

For those of you hard core Judd Apatow fans out there that follow the directors every move and are just dying to know what the title of his new "untitled comedy" is, then here you go... This is Forty. Isn't that exciting? Not so much. 

Unfortunately no other new news on the film was unveiled with the title, which might not actually be the title of the film anyway. It hasn't been confirmed. So what's the big deal over the title of a movie that may not be the actual title? I have no idea, but it seems to be a big deal with many of the other movie blogs. I just figured the die hard Apatow fans of the world might want to know. If you want to really dig into what the title means though, This is Forty could dive into the issues of what being forty years old is like.

Here's we we already knew, the film will be a spin-off from Apatow's Knocked Up, and follow the characters played by Paul Rudd and Leslie Mann after the event's in Knocked up took place. Megan Fox has also been cast in the film, which will start shooting in Los Angeles in late June. 

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