Get Your Own Pair of Steve Buscemi Eyes!

For those of you who have always envied those big round puffy eyes of actor Steve Buscemi then here is your chance to get a pair of your own. That's right, Steve Buscemi isn't the only person in the world any more that can have his eyes. You can print out a pair of your own and wear them out on the town. Having problems picking up the ladies? These Steve Buscemi eyes can help you close the deal. Are you looking to get cast in the lead role of a movie or TV show? Well, at your next audition go in to it wearing your Steve Buscemi eyes, you'll nail the audition. These eyes will just make your life so much better. 

This is just hilarious, and I thought you might get a kick out of it. To print out your Steve Buscemi eyes click here.

Thanks to GT reader Johnny B. for the tip!

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