J.J. Abrams Releasing LOST Style SUPER 8 Viral Clips

Last week I saw a couple different movie blogs report that received a Super 8 style package from Paramount Pictures for J.J. Abrams' incredible looking film Super 8. Each package contained a very short clip that pretty much gives us nothing, but these are just pieces to a much bigger puzzle and viral video that looks like was inspired by some of the viral stuff we saw for the hit series Lost

Abrams and Paramount has now launched an official online editing room within the official movie website. There are over 100 clips that will eventually all be unlocked, which will hopefully reveal something cool. Paramount has already started unlocking a some of the pieces of this viral clip, and you can head on over there now to check it out. This will definitley be more interesting once things start rolling on it.

I assume this is going to give us a little background on what the monster/alien that is causing mass destruction in the story.

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