Meet Peter Parker's Replacement In ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN

It looks like Peter Parker really will be hanging up his tights, for awhile at least, in Ultimate Spider-Man, according to a piece by the New York Post.  In the wake of the current story arc, "Death of Spider-Man", which wraps in June, a new Spider-Man will emerge in a new costume, pictured here.  June's Ultimate Spider-Man #160 will be polybagged.  Marvel used that 1990's gimmick with the recent Fantastic Four #587 in which the Human Torch died.  I hope holo-foil die-cut covers won't be making the rounds again as well.  Anyway, back to the point.  The Post had words with Marvel Editor-in-Chief Axel Alonso on the matter, and here's an excerpt:

Alonso wouldn't reveal much more about the new wallcrawler - "there's significance in the color scheme," he teased - but the image's release is another bad sign for Peter Parker, who in the ten-year-old Ultimate line of comics is still a Queens high school student.

The perpetually hard luck teen was shot through the gut by anti-hero the Punisher at the close of last week's issue while trying save Captain America. Comic fans have been burning up the internet speculating whether Peter might survive the storyline, even if his web slinging days are over. Alonso wouldn't reveal his ultimate fate, but said, "We did call it 'The Death of Spider-Man' for a reason."

I'm not really having much of a reaction to this costume, but it does vaguely remind me of this costume design Alex Ross submitted to Sony during pre-production of the first Spider-Man movie.

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