Female Writing Duo Working on Secret Japanese Robot Screenplay for J.J. Abrams

It’s rare to hear about a female writing duo in Hollywood, especially when it comes to sci-fi projects, but Monica Breen and Alison Schapker are going to become quite popular soon. The two writers have been working with J.J. Abrams for years, writing episodes of Lost, Alias, and currently working on the TV series Fringe. Warner Bros. TV just re-negotiated their contract for a 7-figure deal to keep co-executive producing team on Fringe for the fourth season under Bad Robot's production banner. The pair will also be working on developing a new TV series with Bad Robot. They also wrote a "heightened reality" crime drama called Pulp last year which is now going to be turned into a graphic novel or potential comic book series.

On top of all that Abrams has hired them to do a rewrite on one of his top-secret projects being set up at Paramount Pictures. The working title of the film is Zanbato, and according to Deadline “the script involves Japanese history and robotics: ‘swashbuckling robots with swords’” Francis Lawrence was at one point attached to direct it, but not anymore. 

Now that sounds awesomely interesting, and knowing Abrams and what he’s done so far it will be. Abrams has a very good eye for talent, and we’ve seen several writers from his TV series move into feature films, and we’ve seen these writers develop some pretty awesome movies. It’s great to see two more solid screenwriters come out of Bad Robot to start developing some awesome stories for film. Hollywood could really use a couple more talented writers. 

What are your thoughts on this and this Japanese robotic movie that's being developed?