Characters Have Been Revealed for PIRANHA 3DD


I am one of those fans who DID enjoy Piranha 3D. It was a cheesy blood bath and that's all it was supposed to be. So, we released the plot crunch a few days ago and now we have some characters to reveal to you for Piranha 3DD and NO Jerry O'Connell isn't reprising his role (joke) but we might see a few cameos as they HAVE been written into the script! This sequel will be a stand alone movie and is going in a totally different direction but we will see a hint of the first movie in the background in one scene! The big thing I am looking forward to is blood and hot babes in bikinis! Hey, what?

Moviehole reports that Piranha 3DD will center around Maddy who's the daughter of the local water park owner and a wannabe marine biology. She's hated by all the other girls in her "low class" town. She’s the first to detect a problem and (of course) and enlists the help of her friend Barry, the local computer hacker with a history of wasting his intelligence. Also, we will have two slutty sisters and wanna be tarts named Ashley and Shelby and Maddy’s womanizing ex-boyfriend Kyle who's the local dirty cop along for the bloody killer fish sequel.




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