Isaiah Mustafa met with Marvel to discuss LUKE CAGE Movie

We all knew that Old Spice spokesman Isaiah Mustafa was interested in playing Luke Cage in a live-action Marvel film adaptation, and we've even seen a funny stop-motion animated video that he made featuring him as Cage. The actor recently revealed in an interview that he's actually met with Marvel about the movie, let them know that he really wants the part, and will pretty much do anything to get it. Here's what he said,

I've already had a meeting with Marvel. I talked to them and I told them that I was a gracious reader of their comics and that I wanted to be Luke Cage. So we'll see where they take it.

I think it would be great if he got it, and I think the fans would enjoy it as well. As for why he's got his eye on the role, 

Luke Cage has a lot going on. He's this man, he's got all these powers and abilities and he can use them to save whatever major city, but instead of doing that he uses them to help Harlem. He wants to fix his neighborhood, and that's what's so admirable to me. Instead of leaving and going someplace bigger, he stays right where he needs to be and tries to do the best that they can.

When asked about if Marvel currently had something in the works for the character he said,

They have something in mind, I think, and I definitely want them to see that I'm extremely passionate about it. I'm extremely passionate about being that character. I will do anything to get that role. It strikes me. It's very personal to me. I hold onto it. It's something that I desire more than just about anything that I can think of right now, as far as work goes.

Mustafa really wants this role bad, so much in fact that when he was asked if would be interested in doing anything for DC comics he said he's a Marvel man.

I mean, you have to pick what team you're on, and I don't want to say that I'm not a DC guy, but I definitely grew up a Marvel maniac. That's what I read all the time. I don't want to say that I don't like Superman, Batman, Aquaman, all those guys in the Justice League. I think they're all great, but my attention kind of goes towards "The Avengers" and "The New Avengers," "The Secret Avengers" and everything that they're doing now at Marvel I like.

That didn't stop Ryan Reynolds from playing a Marvel and DC character, but I like Mustafa's commitment. I'm more of a Marvel fan myself.

What are your thoughts on Mustafa wanting to play Luke Cage? Do you think he will make a good fit?

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