Tom Cruise set to Star in New film From Dan Fogelman

Movie Tom Cruise by Joey Paur

There's a new untitled film pitch that is currently on the auction block, and it looks like Warner Bros. is going to end up nabbing it for a good seven figures. The pitch for the film comes from screenwriter Dan Fogelman who recently wrote Crazy Stupid Love, and it has Tom Cruise attached to take on the lead role. 

Cruise will play a politician in the story "who gets caught in an affair. With his reputation in tatters, the pol retreats to his hometown to lick his wounds, repair relationships and confront his past." That's pretty much all we know about the films story right now. It doesn't really sound like anything special or different, it almost sounds exactly like the plot of Elizabethtown and Garden State

Fogelman has also written scripts for animated films such as Tangled, Bolt and Cars. Apparently Warner Bros. likes what Fogelman has done, they bought his Crazy, Stupid, Love script, which looks like a funny movie. It stars Steve Carell and Ryan Gosling. The also picked up a script from him called Imagine starring Steve Carrell, which he will also direct. 

As for Cruise he's getting read to to film Rock of the Ages for New Line. He's also attached to Joseph Kosinski's sci-fi film Oblivion which is now called Horizons. That will most likely end up at Universal Pictures. 

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