Shane Black still writing IRON MAN 3?

It was announced in March that Drew Pearce had been hired as the screenwriter for Iron Man 3. Many fans had hoped that Shane Black, who is directing, would also write the script. Black is a solid director, but he's an even better writer. Today, CinemaBlend is reporting that Black is co-writing the film with Pearce, and that his ideas are behind a lot of what’s happening with the script they’re working on. 

So why was Pearce even hired by Disney? Some claim the studio is worried about Black's history of writing R-rated movies so Pearce has been brought in to make sure he keeps it family-friendly, others say that’s not the case. This makes me wonder why Black would stay involved on a film when he is forced to have his vision mouse-ified by Pearce. What are your thoughts on this news?

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