The Inheritance is an urban horror movie that follows five cousins, Karen (Golden Brooks), Henry (D.B. Woodside), Tyrone (Darrin Dewitt Henson), Lily (Rochelle Aytes), and Simpson (Shawn Michael Howard) on a “family reunion” type gathering to find out about their inheritance they will be receiving.  Naturally it’s a horror movie so things start to go wrong for them after they arrive at the house, in the dead of winter and in the middle of nowhere. They find out things about their ancestors that they end up wishing would have just stayed a secret.

Their uncle Melvin (Keith David) plays host to the small group, there’s a party, people getting hammered and some begin to die. We see some crazy tribal shadows appear at times which are really creepy at times. Blood gets splattered and like I said before, more people die. Other relatives also show up and stories are told about the groups ancestors who were slaves and were freed by a witch doctor named Chakabazz (Lanre Idewu) in the same fashion as certain people were freed in the Bible except this involved some dark voodoo and curses which ultimately brought our group to the hose in the first place.

The Inheritance was written and directed Robert O'Hara who pulls off a pretty good movie. The story is original and puts voodoo and curses in modern day in a remote house with lots of snow surrounding the entire movie, you just don’t see that a lot!  All of the characters each have unique personalities and are developed fairly well before we get into what is actually going on. There isn’t much blood or gore but we really don’t need it with a cool psychological story like this. It’s pretty creepy at times people and has the kind of ending most horror fans will like!

The Unrated movie clocks in at 84 minutes and never really drags anywhere with the story but you have to like these kind of stories to be able to get into it. Bottom line is The Inheritance is worth checking out and is available now, maybe not to buy but go rent it and see if you’d want to add it to your collection afterwards. 


Five ambitious cousins set out on a family reunion during the dead of winter.  The purpose of the retreat is to secure their inheritance, a fortune that dates back many generations. Upon their arrival, Uncle Melvin (Keith David) welcomes them with open arms, but warms them to respect their family traditions. During the weekend, as each of the cousins mysteriously disappears, they learn the truth about their family legacy, blood ancestry and the ultimate sacrifice they must make in exchange for their beloved inheritance.

Special Features: There are no special features included with the DVD, not even a commentary.

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